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Some of our Sucessful placements!




Henry came into Welfare as a stray and a very sick stray at that. He is a rangy type of Dalmatian but only weighed in at 17.6 kg. He had a very bad case of kennel cough, he was coughing nearly all day plus he was diagnosed as having Giardia. His least amusing trick was to eat his own faeces but the vet and I feel that is how he survived on the streets. Once he was on medication by the time he left me this was just about under control and the behaviour was stopping, he weighed 22.6kg.

Henry now has a new family and they just think he is wonderful. The gentleman of the house is retired so now when you see Henry two steps behind is his person and vice versa. They tell me he is very well behaved and quiet for such a young dog (2 ½ yrs) and is very obedient. Hope fully we will get photos and a letter to let us know how he goes in the future. His new person tells me he has put on a little bit more weight.


Letter from Domino

I h ope this email finds you well. It's been a while since I was in touch, so I thought I better set aside a few minutes and send off an email to you this morning.

All is going very well for us and our spotted friend. It is incredible how much he has changed and developed over the past eight and a half months with us. He is allowed off the lead now in the park and runs off to play with all his friends. It is great going to the park at about 5pm every evening and when you get to the edge of it you unclip the lead off he sprints!! I love watching all the dogs arrive at various times and as soon as they are within sight of the others they are unclipped and off they go to run riot. Then about half an hour of serious running, boxing, rolling, sniffing etc etc follows!! Domino absolutely loves it, he runs rings around every other dog, and he is so fast. I love watching him run, he is so graceful.

We packed the car up with camping gear and dog and headed off out west for 10 days at Easter. Our final des tina tion was Broken Hill. Domino went through being various shades of red and brown through out the trip, but managed to be black and white again by the time we got back to Sydney ! He had a ball running like a mad man in the outback! He loved the whole camping thing too, he slept in the car at night while we slept near by in the tent.

While we were travelling I was thinking how lucky we are that we ended up with a dog that travels so well and it struck me that it is definitely something that people should consider when adopting a rescue dog. When I think back we got him and assumed that he would travel well, but it could have worked out that he doesn't then we would have had real issues! So I guess if you were ever putting together a list of 'Things to Consider' ....'travelling with your pet' should be one of them.

I am very interested to see what you would think about our wonderful spotty boy now!

Well, that is about all for now.

Speak to you soon.

Mary, Bill and Domino





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