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ARTICLE - Buying A Dalmatian




This guide is produced by The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc to assist purchasers with their own evaluation of available sources of Dalmatians. Purchasers should have a basic understanding of the Dalmatian temperament, needs and desires to interact with its owners. There is a difference in care, assistance and support offered by individual suppliers, and no responsibility can be accepted by The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc if the service they receive differs from suggestions contained herein.

Should I buy a Puppy or an Adult?

When thinking about obtaining a new dog, most people immediately think "puppy" without fully realising the work load and requirements. Mature Dallies often make extremely good pets, may come already trained and be easier to care for. There are good sound arguments for and against both considerations. It is a matter of personal choice as there is a lot that needs to be taken into account.

"Pet" or "Show" quality - what's the difference?

It is important to consider the future activities you intend to share with your new family member - this can impact on the qualities you need to look for. If you intend to show or breed from your Dally, discuss these requirements carefully with your intended supplier. If you are unsure about the different requirements for these activities, ASK.

To gain the title of Australian Champion, show dogs need to conform and be judged against a Breed Standard. Breeders evaluate each puppy as future prospective Champions. Pups that the breeder consider have potential for showing and breeding are registered with the Royal NSW Canine Council (RNSWCC) on the "Main Register".

Pet quality pups are generally those which for some reason do not meet the exacting requirements of the Breed Standard. They still make great Pets! These pups are registered with the RNSWCC on the "Limited Register". They are not registered for showing or breeding but should you wish to compete in obedience, agility, tracking or endurance trials, the dog is registered for these activities.

Where Can I Buy A Dalmatian?

As with all domestic pets there are a variety of potential suppliers. Each supplier has different reasons for wanting to sell you a pet, and different levels of service and expertise can be expected.

For a list of club members who may have puppies available, visit our Puppy Register Page.

RNSWCC Registered Breeder:

When buying from a RNSWCC Registered Breeder you are able to find out more about the background of your puppy and chances are that you will receive better service and support than that which could be expected from other sources.

When visiting a breeder ask to meet the pup's mother and any other dogs owned by the breeder, this will allow you to check their temperament and well being. Experienced and responsible breeders will check their pups for deafness (a hereditary defect that sometimes occurs in Dalmatians). These breeders, through their membership of breed clubs and the RNSWCC, adhere to a "Code of Ethics", which places responsibility upon them to ensure that puppies are of sound quality and released to new owners with Pedigree, Vaccination Certificate, dietary and care information, details of when your puppy was wormed and treatment used. By law, breeders must Microchip all puppies prior to releasing them to their new owners.

A list of Registered Breeders can be found on the RNSWCC Website at:

The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc Welfare Service:

For over 25 years the Club has run a "Rescue" (or as it is now called Welfare) service which lists dogs looking for new homes. These dogs may have been abandoned or whose current owners, for a variety of reasons, are unable to keep the dog. Welfare dogs come in all shapes and sizes; male and female, puppies through to mature adults; some trained, some not, but all have a lot of love to give. In many cases a background history of the dog is available.

RSPCA, Council Pounds and Animal Shelters:

The RSPCA purchase price includes microchipping, current vaccination, desexing and for animals over 6 months of age, heartworm testing. Council pounds vary in cost and service provided. Do not expect Pedigree Registration Certificates to be supplied and it is unlikely that any information will be available on the dog's background. Animal Shelters endeavour to give dogs individual care and some take considerable effort to assess the dog's temperament and personality and level of obedience.

Pet Shops:

To remain in business these establishments must keep an eye on profitability. Prices for a puppy are often higher than if purchased through a RNSWCC Breeder. Pups are not usually tested for deafness. Always ask the Pet Shop for a Vet's Certificate confirming vaccination for Parvovirus, Hepatitis and Canine Distemper. Pups must be Microchipped prior to being sold.

In Summary:

As with all transactions, puppy buying is a case of "Buyer Beware".

The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc strongly recommends serious consideration be given to purchasing your puppy from a RNSWCC Registered Breeder and member of The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc.

Consider your pet needs carefully, ask lots of questions, listen carefully to the answers and be patient.

Do not expect to get what you want immediately. Plan ahead. Breeders generally have a rough idea of when pups will be available.

Do not be surprised if you are asked for a deposit to secure your purchase, but make sure you have in writing that the full deposit will be refunded if the breeder's unable to supply a puppy to you from the intended litter.

Prices vary between breeders and puppies. Be wary of any breeder that sells ridiculously cheap pups.

Finally, do not be surprised if YOU get asked a lot of questions by the breeder. Responsible breeders always seek the best possible homes for their puppies to ensure everybody has a happy and enjoyable time together.

More Information?

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