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SHOW CRITQUE - Championship Show - 26 March 2016


The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc
Specialty Championship Show
26th March 2016

Judge: Mrs Julia Swinburn (UK) of Bynton Dalmatians


What a well organised & run show and what an honour to be invited to judge such a splendid group of Dalmatians. Importantly movement was sound with generally a good reach forwards together with drive from behind. Unfortunately some were rather light in the eye colour & some had short tails, but what show boys & girls, thoroughly enjoying their day out& presented in such fine form a credit to all owners. Thanks go to my tolerant steward who kept me on course.

1st Davies & Wright's GR CH STARSWEPT JUST A GIGOLO - Despite having a thin coat his spotting was clear and he held his top line on the move, with forward reach. Pleasing head & expression with well-set ears sound reach of neck, just a touch of throatiness. Good chest depth & ribbing, in good muscle tone despite his years. True stallion of a dog. Best Special Veteran in show.

2nd Young's Ch DUMBLEDEER U DARED ME CCD RN - Another who belied their age, this young man being the oldest in the show at 13 years, certainly a credit to his owners. Beautiful head & expression, flowing neck into good shoulders, good round bone down to nice feet. In sound condition other than coat being thin, but expected in the weather I understand you have had. Even spotting completed the picture.

1st DYER'S SUP GH PACEWAY KOLD KASH- Nice size with good round bone, nice tight elbows. Level top line, well presented & even spotting of a good size& pigmentation. Fraction light in eye but a proportionate head. Tail set on correctly. Good shoulder length and he gaited with ample freedom. Best Veteran In Show

2. Beeby's SUP CH VAREWELL WHITE TOPAZ - Super liver boy, great head & expression plus lovely broken ears, tight fitting lips. Clear even coloured spotting on a good ground coat. Sound physical condition, depth of brisket. A total showman whose action was true. Good depth of brisket, ample fore chest.

3. Harbin's SUP CH HILLOFSILVER PAPAARAZZI - Elegant black whose demeanour was super, excellent reach of neck into sound shoulders. Good markings & width to thigh, sound muscle tone. Good forward reaching action carried through to drive behind.

1. HURST'S CH YARROWFELL INCOGNITO CD RA TD ET - Symmetrical outline on this strong dog with a classic outgoing attitude and happy with life. Real propulsion from behind, good condition and a powerful level top line through to a lovely round rear. Attractive head well set ears, good neck into positive shoulders which gave him excellent forward reach. Clear spotting & good coat texture. Dark eyes. Neuter Dog Challenge& Best Neuter in show.

2. Lyn's STARSWEPT FLETCHER - Super outgoing boy, he gaited over the ground well, little down on his pasterns standing. Sound depth of chest, good ribbing, proportionate head, clear expression. Well set tail, top line not his fortune & carrying a little excess. Res Neuter Dog Challenge

1ST O'Brien's CH NEUT CH COASTDAL PRINCESS LILLY ROSE - Liver lady with sound bone, lovely tight feet, good ribbing and in such quality condition I forgave her thin coat. Lovely width to thigh gave power to her propulsion as she drove round the ring. Good size and coupling. Unfortunately coat condition spoilt the total picture. Tight elbows, and one who gave all. Neuter bitch challenge & Best Op.Sex Neuter In Show.

2ND Osmond's NEUT CH DIMADAL JAZZIE JADE - Dense pigmentation on a good coat, short coupled slightly finer mould than first but balanced in rear action, a touch close in front. Such a happy outgoing showgirl she gave all. Well set tail and well defined withers. Classic head lines, good reach to neck & well laid shoulders. Reserve Neuter Bitch Challenge

3RD Woiwade's DUAL CH [AF] LUKIUS BEAM ME UP ET - Longer cast bitch, clearest of pigmentation to her even spotting, good top line, strong loin with correct tail set, nicely broken ears showed off a clear expression on a proportionate head. Inclined to stand a little pin toed, nice ribs super reach of neck.

1st Bartley's HILLOFSILVER ULYSSES - Super little chap, excellent head, alert demeanour, sound shoulders and for one so young he had lovely round bone, certainly lots of potential, moved with style and a true natural. Best Baby Puppy in show

2ND Manning's FINDADOT SWAGGIE LUCK - Slightly longer cast, good head proportions, well set on ears, nice neck placement, at this age a touch bum high but fine in tail set. Sound bone and he gaited well for one so young. Another happy boy to be handled.

3RD Harbin's KRYSTAWAY FREQUENT FLYER - Super boy on the stand but refused to co‐operate with his handler on the move. Nicely coupled, deep rib, well ‐ fitting elbows and even coloured spotting. Enchanting head& expression, I could take him home any day.

1st Harbin's KRYSTAWAY COMPUTER SAYS NO - Liver youngster, alert, in proportion, even spotting, good neck & shoulders. Her overall action took her through as she moved with aplomb. Well held top line, good tail set certainly one to watch. Best Opposite Sex Baby Puppy in show.

2ND Doong's HILLOFSILVER UMEKO - Darkest of eyes, clear deep pigmentation throughout. Lovely broken ears framed a good head set on a clean neck into a good fore chest. Moved out well, sound hindquarters. Feet need time, great round bottom.

1ST Donald's CCDALS COMMANDER N CHIEF - He moved correctly when he gained confidence, good ribbing, chest and bone. Nice head super make & shape. Not happy being handled therefore difficult to fully assess. Best Opposite Minor Puppy in show.

1ST IRVING'S OZZISPOT THE NEED T NEGOTIATE - Attentive boy who showed his socks off. Head in proportion, clean muzzle, clarity in eye. Firm loin and top line, touch narrow in front assembly, adequate bone, spring in pastern. Sound pigmentation & coat texture. He displayed good rotating hocks and balance. In sound physical condition. Best Puppy in show.

2ND Woiwade's ADSTAFF SCHAIBLES LEGACY [AI] - Nice head, ear carriage and reach of neck, good coat texture. Well off for condition, good width in thigh allowed him to drive forward. Today not helping his handler & he was a touch narrow in front assembly causing him to stand splay footed. Excellent temperament.

1ST Harbin's KRYSTAWAY SCREEN SHOT - One who stood four square, sound deep chest, with a fine spring to ribs. Head in balance, neck showing elegance & correct lay of shoulder with a good upper arm allowing him to reach for his stride with ease. Excellent muscular condition, firm loin. Round bone with a good spring in pastern, good elbows, hocks well defined. Feet could be a touch tighter. Uniform clarity & size in spotting. Best Opposite Sex Junior in show.

2ND Osmond's DIMADAL OBVIOUS OBSESSION - Super dense pigment, beautiful dark eye. Classical head & expression, clean neck lines into his shoulders, firm top line & correct tail length & set. Touch slack in elbows and narrow in front, nevertheless he drove out well & showed an even stride. Tight feet and clean round bone, he exhibited a super temperament.

3RD Davies & Wright's STARSWEPT HOLIDAY FLASHBACK [AI] - Liver of an even colour base coat a touch thin. Grand demeanour with his waggy tail. Sound angulations, clean neck into well laid shoulders. Good ribbing & tail set. One who obviously could do a day's work. Clean muzzle, correct bite, even pigmentation. Bone in proportion.

1ST Bower's CH STARSWEPT SIRIUSLY ON FIRE - Sound black boy with depth of pigment. Head balanced with clean lips, correct bite. Lovely arched neck into well laid shoulders showing ample upper arm. Clean round bone down to spring in pastern & nice tight cat feet. Ample chest room, firm top line kept on the move, well set tail through to the correct bend of stifle which allowed him to drive forward. Best Opposite Sex Intermediate in show

2ND Dunscombe's CH TELDE MAGICAL RUPERT MURDOG - Lovely head, truly a masculine dog without any coarseness. Sound shoulder angulations, good bone, correct tail placement, nicely rounded hindquarters with width over thigh. Powerful action both fore& aft. Coat not at its best. Quality body condition and pleasing demeanour.

1st McConachy's VISUALIMPACT CHARLIE BROWN - A strong upstanding liver dog. Excellent bone & coupling balanced head, clean expression, well set ears. Even spotting of a good size, clean neck down into well laid shoulders that allowed a good forward reach. Firm body condition, sound feet, strong loin & good thigh width. Sound spring of rib and tight elbows, well coupled. Res. Challenge Dog& Best Opposite Sex Aust. Bred in Show

2ND Harbin's SUP CH KRYSTAWAY WEEKEND HUSTLER - Another grand liver boy who was so balanced on the move with nice rotating hocks & forward propulsion. He ran the first close. Proportionate bone. Nicely broken ears, good even spotting, firm top line & loin. Sound angulations good chest room& ribbing. He stood as solid as a rock from his good feet to the tip of his tail.

3RD Davies & Wright's CH STARSWEPT ICED MOCHA - Another liver boy who was well presented. Sound bone throughout, firm top line, excellent muscular condition. Good head well placed ears, deep chest and sound spring of rib. Clean forward action from shoulder placement & ample chest room, sound drive from rear.

1ST Dunscombe & Brown's CH TELDE GUNS & ROSES - Beautiful male that was compact, proportionate & upstanding & agile. Sound forequarters, well laid shoulders through to a firm top line. Deep brisket, with plenty of heart & lung room. He showed great freedom when moving both fore & aft exhibiting a long balanced stride. Nicely broad head between ears, muzzle in proportion and clean fitting lips. Correct tail set and rear assembly. Dog Challenge& Runner Up and Best Op.Sex In Show& Best Open in show

2ND Davies & Wright's CH STARSWEPT PAINTED FROM MEMORY - Good size & bone structure. Super firm top line & tail set, clean neck into good shoulders. Nice feet. Correct head & expression, well set ears. Clarity in eye. Good coat texture & colour plus great spotting. Another who gaited with such ease & balance, holding his top line. In sound muscular condition. Strongly inserted tail which he used.

3RD Thompson's CH KRYSTAWAY MINISTER OF MAGIC - Another quality dog who exuded elegance & strength. Grand head lines, good reach of neck, round bone throughout, good pasterns & feet. Deep chest, clean elbows and firm loin. Good even spotting with sound pigmentation. Active on the move he covered the ground well with a balanced action.

1ST Dyer's PACEAWAY WINTER CHILL - A super youngster who had clean lines, proportionate head, correct ear placement, good reach of neck into sound shoulders. Round bone down to nice feet, needs to develop in chest but firm body condition. Balanced mover she covered the ground well, certainly an outgoing demeanour. Best Minor puppy in Show.

2ND Brown & Lawson's TELDE DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER (AI) - Correct size for age, classical head& expression. Good fore chest, correct bone and super cat feet. Sound top line and width to thigh. Coat texture correct and spotting clear pigmentation. Eyes could be a touch darker. Another who covered the ground with ease.

3RD Woiwade's LUKIUS NO REST FOR THE WICKED - Liver girl who was a tad hesitant about being there but time and gentle handling are on her side. Feminine head, well placed ears, clean bone lines down to lovely feet. Even colour spotting, good coat texture and when settled she exhibited balance & drive. Needs to develop in front and drop in brisket but all the base is there.

1ST McConachy's TELDE FIRST LOOK OF DELIGHT (AI) - Active black lady who exhibited good propulsion with balance. Excellent front assembly. Clarity of ground colour with dense spotting to coat. Sound muscular condition with no coarseness. Lovely expression. Grand round bottom and correct croup & spring to ribs with firm loin. Her tail was a touch short, but body length & proportions correct. Best opposite sex puppy in show.

1ST Manning's CH FINDADOT SHIRLEY FLOSS - This black lady was in tip top condition, excellent pigmented spotting on a clear white ground. Beautiful head, darkest of eyes, feminie expression. Good round bone, nice spring in pastern, deep chest firm loin. Level top line, well set tail of the correct length. Good turn of stifle, she moved both fore & aft with drive & balance. Correct size. Best Junior in show.

2ND Dyer's PACEAWAY WINGZ O FIRE [AI] - Even coloured liver with dense spotting, excellent make & shape and all angulations correct. Sound muscular condition allowed her to gait with flow & drive. Good body proportions, nice elbows, spring in rib and firm top line. Super reach of neck, good forechest & feet.

3RD Harbin's KRYSTAWAY REMOTE ACCESS. - Taller mould but all in proportion, excellent head & expression clean neck into well laid shoulders, firm top line correct angulation over croup. She exhibited freedom of movement as she covered the ground effortlessly. Sound ribbing with depth of brisket. Correct tail set. Firm round bone, spring to pastern, her feet were a touch long but not excessively so. Even colour and distribution to spotting.

1STYoung's CH COASTDAL REMINISCING RN - Quality black bitch in sound condition. Beautiful head & expression, clean reach of neck, into sound forequarters. One with a natural stance. Good chest room, close elbows, proportionate bone down to her tight feet. Shown on a slack lead she was so balanced and exhibited forward reach and rear propulsion effortlessly, certainly one who could go all day. Clear ground colour, even dense spotting. I had no hesitation in awarding her Best In Show, Bitch Challenge, Best Intermediate in show.

2ND Beeby's CH VAREWELL CRYSTAL BLOOM - Another quality bitch, super make & shape all feminie throughout. Well laid shoulders, level top line, nice round hindquarters down to clean angulations in rear. Clarity of pigment on clear ground. Good depth in brisket, tight elbows sound bone through to tight feet. Moved true both fore & aft.

3RD Harbin's CH KRYSTAWAY GLITTERATI - Nicely coupled bitch who showed her socks off. Grand head correct stop, dark eye, well set & broken ears, super reach of neck. Well let down hocks and correct tail set. Another who moved true at one with handler. Nice spring to ribs good firm loin, bone in proportion throughout.

1st Donald's CH SPRINTAWAY SHAKIERA - Sound liver bitch with a good body, deep chest, round bone down to tight feet. Head in proportion, clean lips correct bite, nicely broken & set ears. Elbows close and shoulders well laid. Good forelegs& chest space good body length. Firm top line & loin, good rear assembly well set tail. Moved with balance both fore & aft. Best Australian bred in Show. Reserve Challenge Bitch

2ND Irving's OZZISPOT ON THE EDGE OF GLORY - Excellent black bitch, correct size, deep pigmentation on a clear ground coat of good texture & well presented. Happy outgoing temperament. Well let down hocks with firm width to thigh, she gaited with drive & balance. Sound shoulders, firm top line, ample spring to ribs, nicely arched rear with good tail set.

3RD Young's CH DUMBLEDEER AESTURIAS CD - Good body shape & condition, calm demeanour, lovely head, correct eye placement, ears well set & carried. Sound shoulders, clean reach to neck into well laid shoulders. Firm top line, deep chest with tight elbows. Good firm loin, hocks let down and good feet. Clean lines in coat & spotting she went with balance over the ground.


1st Young's CH COASTDAL TAKE A CHANCE ON ME RN - Excellent size make& shape, good shoulders and bone. Correct top line, firm loin through to tail set, nice round rear through to good width to thigh. Nice straight fore legs with ample chest room, clean neck. Proportionate head, correct stop & well set ears. Excellent demeanour and coat condition with dark even spotting. Feet could be tighter. Best opposite open in show.

2ND Woiwade's GR CH LUKIUS SOLAR FLARE RN ET - Good sized bitch with an outgoing temperament. Clean lines through, ample bone, tight elbows, depth of brisket & good angulations. Spotting smaller and quite a few tiny marks but even in colour. Well handled & presented, she moved with style and balance.

3RD Davies & Wright's CH STARSWEPT SAPPHIRES N DIAMONDS - Good make & shape this black bitch was rock solid. Bone in proportion to size, grand reach of neck through to firm top line. Lovely head & expression nice dark eye, clean lips, well set ears. Good width of thigh allowed her to rotate her hocks & power round the ring with balance& drive. Active reach in front.



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