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SHOW RESULTS - 26 March 2016


The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc
Easter Specialty Championship Show
26th March 2016

Judge:- Mrs Julia Swinburn (UK)




Special Vet Sweepstakes (2)
1. Gr.Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo (P Davies & J&D Wright)
2. Ch. Dumbledeer U Dared Me CCD RN (R&M&P Young)

Veteran Sweepstakes (5)
1. Sup.Gr.Ch Paceaway Kold Kash (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
2. Sup.Ch Varewell White Topaz (Dr J Beeby)
3. Sup.Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi (R&D Harbin)

Neuter Dog (2)
1. Ch Yarrowfell Incognito CD RA TD ET (Ms P Hurst) Neuter Dog Challenge
2. Starswept Fletcher (Ms K Lyn) Neuter Res.Dog Challenge

Neuter Bitch (3)
1. Ch. Neut.Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose (Ms M O’Brien) Neuter Bitch Challenge
2. Neut.Ch Dimidal Jazzie Jade (M&L Osmond) Neuter Res.Bitch Challenge
3. Dual Ch (AF) Lukius Beam Me Up ET (Ms R Woiwade)

Best Neuter in Show - Ch Yarrowfell Incognito CD RA TD ET

Baby Dog (3)
1. Hillofsilver Ulysses (Mrs C Bartley)
2. Findadot Swaggie Luck (B&J Manning)
3. Krystaway Frequent Flyer (R&D Harbin)

Baby Bitch (2)
1. Krystaway Computer Says No (R&D Harbin)
2. Hillofsilver Umeko (Dr NC Doong)

Best Baby Puppy in Show - Hillofsilver Ulysses

Minor Puppy Dog (1)
1. Ccdals Commander N Chief (M&L Donald)

Puppy Dog (2)
1. Ozzispot The Need T Negotiate (T&S Irving)
2. Adstaff Schaibles Legacy (AI) (Ms R Woiwade)

Junior Dog (3)
1. Krystaway Screen Shot (R&D Harbin)
2. Dimidal Obvious Obsession (M&L Osmond)
3. Starswept Holiday Flashback (P Davies & J&D Wright)

Intermediate Dog (2)
1. Ch Starswept Siriusly On Fire (Ms M Bower)
2. Ch Telde Magical Rupert Murdog (Mr M Dunscombe)

Aust Bred Dog (4)
1. Visualimpact Charlie Brown (M&E McConachy)
2. Sup.Ch Krystaway Weekend Hustler (R&D Harbin)
3. Ch Starswept Iced Mocha (P Davies & J&D Wright)

Open Dog (4)
1. Ch Telde Guns And Roses (M Dunscombe & G&A Brown)
2. Ch Starswept Painted From Memory (P Davies & J&D Wright)
3. Ch Krystaway Minister of Magic (Ms M Thompson)

Dog Challenge - Ch Telde Guns And Roses
Reserve Dog Challenge - Visualimpact Charlie Brown

Minor Puppy Bitch (4)
1. Paceaway Winter Chill (Mrs P & Ms L Dyer)
2. Telde Diamonds Are Forever AI (A Brown & J Lawson)
3. Lukius No Rest For The Wicked (Ms R Woiwade)

Puppy Bitch (1)
1. Telde First Look Of Delight AI (M&E McConachy & Mrs J Lawson)

Junior Bitch (6)
1. Ch Findadot Shirley Floss (B&J Manning)
2. Paceaway Wingz O Fire (AI) (Mrs P & Miss L Dyer)
3. Krystaway Remote Access (R&D Harbin)

Intermediate Bitch (8)
1. Ch Coastdal Reminiscing RN (R&M&P Young)
2. Ch Varewell Crystal Bloom (Dr J Beeby)
3. Ch Krystaway Glitterati (R&D Harbin)

Aust Bred Bitch (6)
1. Ch Sprintaway Shakiera (M&L Donald)
2. Ozzispot On The Edge Of Glory (T&S Irving)
3. Ch Dumbledeer Aesturias CD (R&M&P Young)

Open Bitch (5)
1. Ch Coastdal Take A Chance On Me RN (R&M&P Young)
2. Gr.Ch Lukius Solar Flare RN ET (Ms R Woiwade)
3. Ch Starswept sapphires N Diamonds (P Davies &  J&D Wright)

Bitch Challenge - Ch Coastdal Reminiscing RN
Reserve Bitch Challenge-
Ch Sprintaway Shakiera

Best In Show - Ch Coastdal Reminiscing RN
Runner Up Best in Show - Ch Telde Guns And Roses
Opposite Sex In Show -Ch Telde Guns And Roses

Best Baby Puppy in Show -Hillofsilver Ulysses
Minor Puppy in Show -Paceaway Winter Chill
Puppy in Show -Ozzispot The Need T Negotiate
Best Junior in Show - Ch Findadot Shirley Floss
Best Intermediate in Show -Ch Coastdal Reminiscing RN
Best Aust Bred in Show - Ch Sprintaway Shakiera
Best Open in Show -Ch Telde Guns And Roses

Best Special Veteran in Show -Gr.Ch Starswept Just A Gigolo
Best Veteran in Show -Sup.Gr.Ch Paceaway Kold Kash
Best Neuter in Show -Ch Yarrowfell Incognito CD RA TD ET




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