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SHOW RESULTS - Championship Show 2014


The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc
Specialty Championship Show
19th April 2014

Judge:- Mr Ronnie Tolson (Ireland)

Total Entry: 97

Special Veteran Sweepstakes (4/5)
1. Gr Ch Sprintaway Rubica Red (Donald)
2. Gr Ch Krystaway Dream Catcher (Donald)
3. Ch Gemcourt Anadot Regal ET (Woiwade)

Veteran Sweepstakes (4/4)
1. Ch Dumbledeer U Dared Me CCD (Young)
2. Gr Ch Starswept Just a Gigolo (Davies/Wright)
3. Ch & Neut Ch Whytewood Dangerous Dan CDX ET (Landon)

Open Neuter Dog (2/2)
1. Ch & Neut Ch Whytewood Dangerous Dan CDX ET (Landon)
2. Ch Dumbledeer Sunspark CD (Young)

Neuter Challenge Dog:- Ch & Neut Ch Whytewood Dangerous Dan CDX ET
Reserve Neuter Challenge Dog:- Ch Dumbledeer Sunspark CD

Open Neuter Bitch (3/3)
1. Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose (O'Brien)
2. Starswept Southern Cross (Davies/Wright)
3. Ch Dumbledeer Voodoo Child (Marr)

Neuter Challenge Bitch:- Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose
Reserve Neuter Challenge Bitch:- Starswept Southern Cross

Best Neuter of Breed:- Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose

Baby Dog (9/9)
1. Paceaway Flash Gorden (Dyer)
2. Johgra Impesario (Grant)
3. Paceaway Sweet Talker (Donald)
4. Telde Magical Rupert Murdog (Dunscombe)

Minor Puppy Dog (3/5)
1. Sprintaway Sioux Chief (Donald)
2. Visualimpact Lucifer (Osmond/McConachy)
3. Neilros First Edition (Tabrett)

Puppy Dog (1/1)
1. Valleyspot Dangerous Detective (Landon)

Junior Dog (2/2)
1. Starswept Painted from Memory (Davies/Wright)
2. Ch Starswept Siriusly on Fire (Bower)

Intermediate Dog (7/8)
1. Telde Naughty Choc Obsession (Lawson)
2. Visualimpact Charlie Brown (McConachy)
3. Ch Dimadal Journey to the Stars (Langton-Bunker)
4. Ch Krystaway Minister of Magic (Thompson)

Aust Bred Dog (5/6)
1. Sup Ch Paceaway Kold Kash (Dyer)
2. Ch Jendally Age of Aquarius (Langton-Bunker)
3. Ch Starswept Galileo (Sullivan)

Open Dog (3/3)
1. Sup Ch Sprintaway Chief Cheroke (Donald)
2. Ch Starswept Iced Mocha (Davies/Wright)
3. Ch Telde Guns N Roses (Dunscombe & Brown)

Challenge Dog -Telde Naughty Choc Obsession
Reserve Challenge Dog -Starswept Painted from Memory


Baby Bitch (8/10)
1. Telde Sucha Naughty Witch (Lawson)
2. Johgra Defying Gravity (Grant)
3. Johgra Exquisite (Grant)

Minor Puppy Bitch (6/6)
1. Johgra Victorias Secret (Grant)
2. Krystaway Glitterati (Harbin)
3. Neilros Purple Haze (Tabrett)

Puppy Bitch (2/2)
1. Coastdal Reminiscing (Young)
2. Johgra Insignia (Grant)

Junior Bitch (5/5)
1. Likadyce Spotlight on Me (Grant)
2. Starswept Sapphires N Diamonds (Davies/Wright)
3. Starswept Sky at Night (Sullivan)

Intermediate Bitch (9/9)
1. Ch Paceaway Expensive Liason (Darling, Vernon & Besoff)
2. Ozzispot on the Edge of Glory (AI) (Irving)
3. Ch Thunderspot Violets are Blue (O'Brien)

Aust Bred Bitch (6/10)
1. Ch Paceaway Reflection (Grant)
2. Ch Visualimpact Star Attraction (McConachy)
3. Ch Dumbledeer Aesturias CCD (Young)

Open Bitch (7/7)
1. Ch Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows (Irving)
2. Telde Naughty But Delightful (Lawson)
3. Sup Ch Hillofsilver Paparazzi (Harbin)

Challenge Bitch -Ch Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows
Reserve Challenge Bitch -Coastdal Reminiscing



Best In Show - Ch Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows
Runner Up Best in Show - Coastdal Reminiscing
Opposite Sex in Show - Telde Naughty Choc Obsession

Baby Puppy in Show:-Paceaway Flash Gorden

Minor Puppy in Show:- Johgra Victorias Secret

Puppy In Show:- Coastdal Reminiscing

Junior in Show:- Starswept Painted from Memory

Intermediate in Show:- Ch Paceaway Expensive Liason

Australian Bred in Show:- Ch Paceaway Reflection

Open in Show:- Ch Ozzispot Sinners N Shadows

Neuter In Show:- Ch Coastdal Princess Lilly Rose


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