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Open Show 2004

Judge: Ms Liz Davidson (NSW)

For the Full Results - CLICK HERE


Veteran Bitch (4/4)
1. Gr. Ch. Karridgeway Wild Peach - (C. Byrnes-Suchy)
Well balanced 9 year old Liver bitch of very good breed type. Shoulders very well laid back with very good angulation front & rear. Withers well defined, level topline and well ribbed back. Freedom of movement with smooth rythmic action. Well defined spotting with good pigment and clearness of coat. Best Veteran In Show

2. Gr. Ch. Dumbledeer Youngs Hope - (P. Davies & J, & D. Wright)
Black bitch of good size again displaying very good breed type. Preferred the head of this bitch to No1. Balanced with good angulation overall. Moved well out but did not quite have the freedom of movement of the winner. Very good spotting and clearness of coat.

3. Ch. Dumbledeer Youngs Belle - (R. M. & P. Young)

Black 9 year old bitch with good head and expression. Nicely arched neck, well defined wither. Balanced with good steady movement. Heavy spotting and woudl have preferred a clearer coat.

Class 1 - Baby Puppy Dog (7/7)
1. Krystaway Top Gun - (R. & D. Harbin)
Balanced, strong black puppy with very good temperament. Symmetrical outline. Very good head. Good neckline flowing into well defined wither and firm topline. Good forequarter angulation, balanced with rear. His movement around the ring won him first place and Best Baby Puppy In Show.

2. Krystaway Flash Phantom - (R. & D. Harbin)

Liver litter brother to first place getter. Taller than his brother and lacked the freedom of movement of his littermate.

3. Dallydom Canopus - (G. & A. Brown)

Well balanced Liver puppy of good size. Strong round bone, with good angulation overall. Topline not as firm as the first and second place getters.

4. Dallydom Centauri - (G. & A. Brown)
Well spotted liver puppy of good size. Strong round bone, with good angulation overall. Topline not as firm as the first and second place getters.

Class 3 - Puppy Dog (4/4)
1. Ozzispot Stare If U Dare - (T. & S. Irving)
Caught my eye as he moved around the ring. Alert with a symmetrical outline, smooth, powerful rhythmic movement with very good reach and drive. Masculine but refined head peice. Good eye colour and pigment. Nicely arched neck, good withers, level topline, and strong loin. Very good forequarter and hindquarter angulation with accounts for him good movement. Although spotting is quite heavy on this dog, his base coat is clear with no ticking and I forgave him this cosmetic fault. Best Puppy in Show

2. Krystaway Dream Catcher - (R. & D. Harbin)
Liver dog of good size and well balanced. Moved well but lacked the reach of the first placed dog.

3. Starswept Tally Ho Sirius - (P. Davies & J. & D. Wright)

Black dog with well defined spotting, good pigment and very clear coat. Displays good breed type however an upright shoulder is restricting his reach on the move.

Class 4 - Junior Dog (1/2)
1. Visualimpact De La Cruz - (M. & E. McConachy)
Only exhibit in class. Liver dog leaning towards the higher end of the height scale. Very good head but could do with a darker eye. Lacking depth of forechest, short ribbed with a long loin. Could have better angulation although he was balanced fore to hind and his movement steady, holding topline on the move. Good spotting.

Class 5 - Intermediate Dog (1/1)
1. Ch. Hillofsilver Kavalier - (W. & J. McLean)
The only entry in this class. Masculine liver dog with good head peice however eye colour could be darker. Steep in withers. Forechest wide and slightly loose in elbow coming towards you. Well proportioned although angulation could be better overall. Evenly distributed spotting with clear base coat.

Class 10 - Aust. Bred Dog (2/2)
1. Ch. Krystaway Dot Com - (R. & D. Harbin)
Black male of very good breed type and ring presence. Good head and expression although he could do with a darker eye. Straight front, strong round bone, and well muscled. Shoulder well laid, angulation very good. Well sprung ribs with good depth of forechest. Level back, short strong loin. Well muscled hindquarters with a good turn of stifle and well defined hock. Powerful rhythmic action with good reach and drive. Spotting evenly distributed. Best Dog, Best Aust Bred and Best in Show.

2. Gr. Ch. Starswept Mocha Motion - (P. Davies & J. & D. Wright)

Masculine 6 year old Liver dog. Strong head lacking the refinement of the first dog. Very good pigment. Heavy neck. Straight in shoulder. Topline soft on the move with low set tail which spoiled his outline. Very good spotting, evenly distributed.

Class 11 - Open Dog (3/3)
1. Ch. Starswept Canada Holiday (AI) - (P. Davies & J. & D. Wright)
Black male on the smaller scale. Very good breed type. Good head and expression. Good pigment and eye colour. Light tapering neck, level topline and good tail set. Restricted in the forequater movement with cost him in the final line up for Best Dog. Well anguled rear with well defined hock. Beautifully spotted, evenly distributed and well defined with a whiter than white base coat. Reserve Best Dog.

2. Dumbledeer Sun Dancer - (R. M. & P. Young)
A 16 month old black dog still to reach maturity. Masculine headpeice set off by pleasing neckline and well defined wither. Level topline. Not as balanced front to rear and moving close behind.

3. Ch. Starswept Chimney Sweep ET - (M. & E. McConachy)
Heavily spotted dog with some ticking. Very good head and expression. Dark pigment. Long tapering neck with well defined wither and powerful level back. Lacking spring of rib and overall substance for an Open dog. Good angulation and moved freely.

Class 18 - Neuter Dog (3/3)
1. Dallydom Ashton - (G. & A. Brown)
A 8 year old displaying reasonably good breed type. Good head and expression. Straight front wiht good round bone and forequarter angulation. Lacking somewhat in rib and could do with a better topline. Tail set low which spoils the outline.

2. Harmonyhill Casper ET - (A. Collins)
Liver male on the upper scale of height. Very well spotted. Temperament was very good, this dog was happy to be strutting his stuff. In profile lacking in symmetry with a dippy topline. Shoulders upright which did affect his movement.

3. Ch. Dalmeadow Mac Donnell - (J. Magee)
Slightly overweight and seemed to pace going out and back. Better topline than the first and second dogs but unfortunately his movement let him down today.

Class 1A - Baby Puppy Bitch (4/4)
1. Sprintaway Rubica Red - (L. & M. Donald)
Lovely 5 month old Liver bitch. Well balanced. Good head and expression set off by a lovely neck and well defined wither. Level back and short loin. Liked the strength of bone and overall balance of this puppy. Her movement was very good for one so young. Well distributed spotting on a clear white base coat completed the picture of this promising puppy.

2. Wanjdal Wild Flower - (W. & J. McLean)
A 4 1/2 month old black puppy bitch. Feminine headpiece, preferred her head to the winner, however the neckline and wither were not as easy flowing and spoiled the overall symmetry in profile. Well balanced fore and hind with well defined hock. Very good spotting.

3. Dallydom Cassiopeia - (G. & M. Brown)
Very good breed type just lacking the balance and symmetry of the first two. Very nice head, good neck and topline. Movement not as free and steady in the very strong class of lovely puppies.

Class 2A - Minor Puppy Bitch (1/1)
1. Cayuse Just Tween Frends - (J. Atkinson & D. & S. Duncan)
Good breed type, head and expression. Lacking in overall angulation fore and hind, which restricted her movement. Would prefer more definition to spotting which tends to run together.
Best Minor Puppy in Show.

Class 3A - Puppy Bitch (1/1)
1. Hillofsilver Lulu - (N. Doong)
Feminine bitch of medium size with good head and expression. Restricted movement caused by upright shoulder and straight stifles. Well strung ribs but would prefer more depth of chest. Tends to lose topline on the move. Very good spotting, well defined with a clear base coat.

Class 4A - Junior Bitch (1/1)
1. Ravenwynter Seduction - (R. Lucas)
Liver bitch of good breed type and size. Good head and expression set on a well tapered neck and well defined wither. Powerful level topline and good set on tail. Balanced overall however would prefer slightly better angulation front and rear. Moves well around the ring tending to high step slightly coming towards you. Best Junior In Show.

Class 5A - Intermediate Bitch (1/1)
1. Ch. Paceaway Iced Koffee - (L. Dyer)
Liver bitch of good proportion. Good head and expression with long tapering neck, well defined withers. Restricted reach, lacking in forequarter angulation. Hindquarters good, well muscled with good definition of upper and lower thigh. Well defined hocks. Tends to lose her topline on the move.
Best Intermediate in Show.

Class 10A -Aust. Bred Bitch (5/6)
1. Ch. Karridgeway Inner Scents - (C. Byrnes-Suchy)
Well balanced black bitch of good proportion and well spotted. Level topline. Balanced with very good angulation front and rear, good widith first and second thigh and well defined hock. Moved well around the ring.

2. Ch. Dumbledeer Gypsy Roamer CD - (R. M. & P. Young)
Well proportioned bitch on the taller side. Heavy spotting evenly distributed with some ticking. However I forgave these cosmetic faults becausce of other strengths. Good head proportions. Lovely neck and well defined wither. Good strong round bone. Good topline and set on tail. Symmetrical outline and her movement was very good with a strong rhythmic effortless gait.

3. Ch. Sprintaway Brindabella - (L. & M. Donald)

Very good breed type with good head, lovely expression and very good pigment. Well balanced with very good hindquarters, turn of stifle and well defined hock. Spotting well distributed and well defined. Seemed reluctant to move freely with did cost her a higher placing.

Class 11A - Open Bitch (8/8)
1. Ch. Ravenwynter Danseuse - (R. Lucas)
Catches your eye as she enters the ring. Medium sized black bitch, well proportioned with good head, expression and pigment. Light tapering neck with well defined wither, powerful level topline and strong loin. Spotting well defined, coat could be cleaner but that is nitpicking on an otherwise quality bitch. Her exceptional movement and ring presence won her Best Bitch, Best Open and Runner Up Best in Show.

2. Ch. Krystaway Nikita La Femme - (P. Aston-Meehan & R. & D. Harbin)
Liver bitch of very good breed type. Symmetrical outline, very feminine with beautiful spotting. Good head and expression, neckline, wither and topline. Moving around the ring she catches your eye. Reserve Best Bitch.

3. Gr. Ch. Karridgeway Wild Peach - (C. Byrnes-Suchy)
(See Veteran Bitch) Pushed hard for reserve bitch. Despite her age she moved freely with a beautiful rhythmic action. Also Best Veteran In Show

4. Ch. Starswept Balenciaga - (P. Davies & J. & D. Wright)
Liver bitch displaying very good breed type, bone and substance. Very good head. Not as level in topline as the other three bitches caused by a lower tail set. Lacking turn of stifle which is evident on the move. Cosmetically beautiful spotting which is pleasing to the eye.

Class 18A - Neuter Bitch (4/4)
1. Hillofsilver Harlow - (L. Osmond)
Liver bitch of good breed type. Very good spotting. Good head and expression, well sprung and capacious ribs. Level topline and balanced fore to rear. Moved freely. Best Neuter in Show.

2. Ch. Wanjdal Best Kept Secret - (S. Haiser)
Well spotted black bitch. Good depth of chest. Upright in shoulder placement and lacking turn of stifle in the rear. Movement reasonable despite this.

3. Ch. Kirindal Gold Spangles - (P. Dyer)
Liver bitch reaching high end of scale in relation to height. Lacking in bone and substance with an upright shoulder which did not match her stronger hindquarters. Good turn of stifle, well muscled with well defined hock. Lightly spotted with clear base coat.


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