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SHOW RESULTS - 60th ANNIVERSARY Championship show
& Obedience Trial
19 April 2004

Judges: Mr J. Fatauros (Netherlands)  conformation
Miss V. Etherington (NSW) obedience

Main Results and Photos Click HERE


Total Entry: 118

Special Veteran Dog (2/3)
1. Ch Swiftgait Apache Warrior (Besoff/Vernon)
2. Ch Jaybior Dukas (Aston-Meehan)

Special Veteran Bitch (4/4)
1. Ch Exchecka Love Me Do CD (Atkinson)
2. Ch Retma Media Madness AI (Van De Weg)
3. Krystaway Kiss N Tell (Harbin)

Best Special Veteran - Ch Swiftgait Apache Warrior

Veteran Dog (3/5)
1. Gr Ch Karridgeway Hey Presto (Donald)
2. Ch Yarrowfell Ultra Dog CD ET (Hurst)
3. Ch Varewell Wings of Gold (Beeby)

Veteran Bitch (6/8)
1. Gr Ch Karridgeway Wild Peach (Byrnes-Suchy)
2. Ch Karridgeway Ginger Spice (Byrnes-Suchy)
3. Ch Exchecka Maggie T (Atkinson)
4. Ch Harmonyhill Dragonson (Aston-Meehan)

Best Veteran - Gr Ch Karridgeway Wild Peach

Baby Dog (8/10)
1. Paceaway Tamba (Minter)
2. Karridgeway Baktothefutur (Byrnes - Suchy)
3. Yarrowfell Checkpoint (Hurst)

Minor Dog (1/2)
1. Pampard Paris Project (Marshall)

Puppy Dog (1/1)
1. Dalridge Philosfrs Stone (Marshall)

Junior Dog (10/11)
1. Starswept Canada Holiday AI (Davies/Wright)
2. Adice Bohemian Rhapsody (Irving/Mertin)
3. Karridgeway Mandrake (Byrnes-Suchy)
4. Ottatella Billy Bunter (D Johnson)

Intermediate (5/5)
1. Ch Krystaway Dot Com (Harbin)
2. Ch Dalridge Phantom Menace (Marshall)
3. Ch Yarrowfell Abacus (Hurst)

Aust Bred (6/6)
1. Ch Swiftgait Just The Fax (Besoff/Vernon)
2. Ch Exchecka Etcetera (Atkinson)
3. Ch Sutania Satchmo (Allen/Starkey)

Open (9/11)
1. Ch Swiftgait The Spellbinder (Marshall)
2. Gr Ch Instride Phestive Knight (Marshall/Bahr)
3. Gr Ch Krystaway Doin Time (Harbin)
4. Gr Ch Paceaway Greased Litenin (Minter)

Dog Challenge: Ch Swiftgait The Spellbinder
Reserve Dog Challenge: Gr Ch Instride Phestive Knight

Neuter Dog (1/3)
1. Harmonyhill Casper ET (Collins)

Baby Bitch (6/7)
1. Krystaway Jean Genie (Harbin)
2. Karridgeway Betty Bewt (Byrnes/Suchy)
3. Paceaway Iced Koffee (Minter)

No Minor Bitch Entries

Puppy Bitch (4/5)
1. Pampard Poppysn the Field (Marshall)
2. Swiftgait Amazing Grace (Besoff)
3. Kronborg Kitayne (Francis)

Junior Bitch (3/3)
1. Wanjdal Burning Desire (McLean)
2. Varewell Ethereal (Beeby)
3. Exchecka Honey Hush (Henry)

Intermediate Bitch (10/12)
1. Karridgeway Hot Diamonds (Byrnes-Suchy)
2. Ch Krystaway On The Catwalk (Harbin)
3. Sprintaway Brindabella (Donald)
4. Ch Paceaway At Tiffanys (Minter)
5. Firencoach Sho Shoni (Burrell)

Aust Bred Bitch (12/14)
1. Ch Karridgeway Inner Scents (Byrnes-Suchy)
2. Ch Firencoach Cheroki Fyr (Besoff)
3. Hillofsilver Heidi (Doong)
4. Gr Ch Dumbledeer Youngs Hope AI (Davies/Wright)
5. Ch Dalhaven The Hotstepper ET (Mann/Bullen-Mann)

Open Bitch (9/11)
1. Gr Ch Karridgeway Wild Peach (Byrnes-Suchy)
2. Gr Ch Pampard Pandemonium (Marshall)
3. Ch Krystaway Nikita La Femme (Aston-Meehan/Harbin)
4. Gr Ch Swiftgait Inthefastlane (Besoff/Vernon)
5. Ch Karridgeway Ginger Spice (Byrnes-Suchy)

Bitch Challenge: Karridgeway Hot Diamonds
Reserve Bitch Challenge: Ch Karridgeway Inner Scents

Neuter Bitch (3/5)
1. Ch Kirindal Gold Spangles (Dyer)
2. Hillofsilver Harlow (Osmond)
3. Delrei Slick Chick (Backhouse)

Best In Show: Ch Swiftgait The Spellbinder
Runner Up Best in Show: Karridgeway Hot Diamonds

Baby in Show: Paceaway Tamba
Minor in Show: Pampard Paris Project
Puppy in Show: Pampard Poppysn The Field
Junior in Show: Starswept Canada Holiday AI
Intermediate in Show: Karridgeway Hot Diamonds
Aust Bred in Show: Ch Swiftgait Just the Fax
Open in Show: Ch Swiftgait The Spellbinder
Neuter in Show: Ch Kirindal Gold Spangles


Obedience Results

High In Trial: Ch Ozziespot Wicked T Xtreme CD AD JD ET

No Qualifiers

1. Ch Ozziespot Wicked T Xtreme CD AD JD ET- Qualifing Score

1. Ch Yarrowfell Zingaro ET - Qualifying Score

Novice Encouragement
1st - Ch Yarrowfell Alls Forgiven
2nd - Harmonyhill Casper ET
3rd - Sutania Kokomo ET




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