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The Dalmatian Club of NSW Inc - October Championship Show 1999

Judge: Ms Patches Silverstone (UK)

For the Full Results - CLICK HERE


A glorious day, a beautiful venue and a wonderful entry: an irresistible mix to those of us who are so deeply interested in this wonderful breed, the Dalmatian. Your warm welcome and the kind way in which you received my decisions made this an occasion I am never going to forget, and I am forever indebted to your Committee for their invitation to judge your Championship Show. I should also like to send my warmest thanks to the Ring Steward, Mr Les Corby, whose help and support were invaluable.

Amongst many others I must say a special thank you to Eileen O'Donnell and Mary and Reg Young, who made me so welcome in their lovely homes; to Sandra Francis who went well above the call of duty and escorted me over the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, and last but not least Marilyn Miller, who not only made all the arrangements but came out to the Airport at an unearthly hour in the morning to meet me.

I have written out the comments which I dictated at the time of the Show, but I should also like to add a few points which may help to explain my reasoning. Firstly, you may be interested in a paragraph taken from the report I sent to 'Dog World' in England.

"My critique is on tape and not yet typed but overall I would say the breed here is in good heart, though they have much the same problems in trying to find 'the right dog' when it comes to breeding. I found tight cat feet and tidy nails without exception. A little more bone and depth of substance would be an advantage in many cases and in trying to keep to the Standard regarding size, they must not go too small and jeopardise reach of neck and the elegance which is so all-important. A problem their breeders may wish to address is poor pigmentation, manifesting itself, to a certain extent, in coats, but even more so in eye colour."

"Secondly, with the American influence so strongly in evidence here in Australia, many of you prefer to 'stack' your dogs. What is of paramount importance is that you should stack them so that they stand correctly according to the Standard. For instance, the Dalmatian is required to have a completely level topline, a good bend of stifle and be totally well balanced. If the back legs are taken back in the exaggerated form asked of some breeds, the Dalmatian topline dips at once, the bend of stifle is eliminated and all sense of balance has gone. When I asked some exhibitors to stand their dogs freely, I was trying to establish whether or not their dog dogs were correctly constructed."

"Thirdly, I would refer you above all else to the Standard. We all, owners, exhibitors, breeders and judges alike, do ourselves and the breed a great disservice if we move the goal posts to accommodate a fault or even a new fashion. You will find that the Dalmatian which makes you catch your breath, it is so beautiful, will always be one that is as near as exactly to the Standard. Sadly, the perfect one has yet to be born!"

Special Veteran Dog (2)

1 Hughes' Ch Rushto Bee Jay - Black spotted dog, just coming up to 11 years. Coat a little ticky but in good order. A kind face with a good dark eye. Held his topline and moved well on good tight feet.

2 Aston-Meehan & Lucas's Ch Dalriant The Powershaper - 11 ½years old, liver spotted coat not at its best. Moved with purpose but did not hold his topline quite so well as (1).

Special Veteran Bitch (4)

1 Atkinson & Byres' Ch Dazal Dairy Supreme - 11 ½ years old. Excellent liver spotted coat, very clear for her age. Good make and shape and lovely eye colour - a real sweet sherry. Moved very well, holding her topline. Best Special Veteran, won on coat condition.

2 Starkey's Ch Sutania Southern Belle CDX - black spotted, sparse spotting with some tick marks. Moved with drive. Rather a plain white face but such a sweet expression.

3 Loffman's Sankamap Waraka Flo Jo - liver spotted, less clear in coat, but moved well. Nice make and shape and particularly good bend of stifle.

Veteran Dog (2)

1 Hingston's Ch Malworth Red Flare - Coat in excellent condition. Nice reach of neck, well made short coupled dog with a well laid shoulder. Dark eye, well shaped head with well defined stop. Moved with less drive than I would have expected.

2 Bullard's Ch Dumbledeer Kapitan ET - Free moving black spotted dog. Coat in less good condition, showing signs of bad skin trouble. Very nice head.

Veteran Bitch (1)

1 Allen's Ch Sutania Nerissa - Stood alone but won a well deserved 1st. Carrying a little too much weight on the shoulder but this did not prevent her from striding out, really taking the ground. A very nice bitch. Best Veteran

Baby Puppy Dog (3)

1 Payne & Newitt's Pokadot Power N Pizazz - Well shaped puppy. Good bone, well defined head, nice length of neck, plenty of forechest. Fine bend of stifle and well set tail. Shows real promise. Best Baby Puppy

2 Payne & Newitt's Pokadot Power N Pride - Very similar style of puppy to (1). Good spotting, really dark eye, excellent topline and tail set. Less positive in movement on the day, but another promising baby.

3 Spence's Dalmeadow Procul Harum - A lightly spotted black. Nice puppy but as yet has not developed the hind quarters of the first two.

Minor Puppy Dog (5)

1 Richards' Spotacus Starmaker - Exceptionally good movement, particularly in front, for one of his age. Good spotting and pigmentation. Good bone, beautiful bend of stifle, well set tail and tight cat feet. Needs time to mature. Best Minor Puppy

2 Richards' Spotacus Special Effects - A fine upstanding puppy, not quite so well spotted as (1) and less positive in his front movement. A very nice pair.

3 Nielsen's Dumbledeer Just Thewon - Lightly spotted black, less mature and feeling the heat. Good shape, nice bend of stifle, and when he settled moved positively.

Puppy Dog (6)

1 Barnett's Bemara Urban Cowboy - Reasonably well spotted black, good dark eye, well dropped brisket, level topline. Stands slightly straight in stifle. Won the class on movement.

2 Bullard's Dalpaloosa Admiral - Very similar style of puppy to (1) with good black spotting on a really white basecoat. Less well developed chest at this stage and less positive in his front movement.

3 Allen & Starkey's Sutania Satchmo - Well spotted liver on good colour basecoat. Nice dark eye but unsteady in his movement at this stage.

Junior Dog (6)

1 Davies & Wright's Starswept Mocha Motion - Rather messy liver spotting. Nice head, well defined stop, nice reach of neck flowing down into well laid shoulder. Well dropped brisket, with good strong bone going right down into his tight cat feet. Excellent movement both in front and behind.

2 Helland's Gentry Shadows of a Dream - Black spotted on good white base coat. Less well for bone than (1) and was inclined to stand straight in stifle. Won his place on his good movement.

3 Treen's Ruyton Zodiac Zone - Black spots on a good white base coat. Excellent bone, positive movement, but inclined to fly his ears.

4 Parsons' Ch Retma Dark of the Sun - Black spotted not in best condition, but he too moved with drive and purpose.

Intermediate Dog (13)

1 Blyton's Ch Trailblazer Dancemaster - Good black spotting on a pure white coat. Excellent make and shape, nice head and reachy neck, well laid shoulder and correctly set tail. Steady driving action.

2 Young's Dumbledeer Flip Me Over - Very well spotted with a lovely quality coat. A rather plain face, well laid shoulder, with good movement but not as positive as (1).

3 Blair & Chadwick's Blairwick Sudden Impact - Reasonably good black spotting, good make and shape with a nice bend of stifle. Rather a lot of sores on his tail and legs.

4 Lee & Wells' Bemara Wagon Master - Black spotted dog, well laid shoulder but stands a little straight in stifle. Moved with drive.

5 Starkey's Sutania Ruskaya - Lightly spotted black with rather a lot of tick marks, but won his place on movement.

Australian Bred Dog (8)

1 Allen's Ch Gumillaroi Moonstruck ET - Evenly spotted black, with small spots. So well put together with nice reach of neck, well laid shoulder, good bend of stifle, well let down brisket and tight cat feet. Drove well off his hocks, holding a lovely topline, the outline completed with a well set tail. Reserve Dog Challenge.

2 Treen's Ch Kirindal Kristmas Gift - Quality liver spotted dog of correct colour, with a few tick marks. Carrying a little too much weight today, moving well behind but tending to go wide in front.

3 Johnson's Ottatella Felix Aylmer - Good black spotting on a really white base coat, but pretty head spoilt by a light eye. Rather a short tail, but moved with great drive.

4 Harbin's Ch Krystaway Braveheart - Reasonable spotting,. with a nice bend of stifle, but a little bit light in bone.

Open Dog (14)

1 Young's Ch Dumbledeer Youngs Rajah (AI) - Nothing exaggerated, nothing overdone. A beautifully balanced dog, so well put together, with good black spotting on a tight white coat. A lovely kind and typical head framed with well broken, correctly held ears and graced with a good dark eye. His movement both behind and in front was sheer delight, really covering the ground. It was my pleasure to award him Best Open Dog, the Dog Challenge and Best In Show.

2 Urie's Dumbledeer Tzar - A spectacular young dog, who I thought could be my winner when he first came into the ring. Excellent bone, lovely make and shape, but standing a little straight in stifle and slightly lighter in the eye than I would wish. Today he was not moving as well as I am certain he can, choosing either to plait in front or go close behind despite being given several chances.

3 Treen's Gr Ch Kirindal Magical Gift - Not in the best of coat and some nasty sores on his legs, but 9 years old or not, today he showed the whole breed how to move..

4 Francis's Kronborg Hanky Bannister - Black spotted, well put together, a nice honest Dalmatian, moving with precision and purpose.

5 Blair & Chadwick's Ch Blairwick LordoftheRings CD - Well spotted black but a little light in eye. Good positive action.

Baby Puppy Bitch (7)

1 Young's Dumbledeer Knight Star - Very promising puppy, with lovely bone, well bent stifle and nice cat feet. Excellent pigmentation with a good dark eye. Very well laid shoulder. Her head will need to grow on.

2 Johnson's Ottatella Edith - Another lovely baby. Good bend of stifle, good bone, well set tail, reasonably good black spotting, nice reach of neck. Lovely dark eye.

3 Hingston's Dalvas Solar Eclipse - At the leggy stage. Black spotted, lighter in bone but moved freely.

Minor Puppy Bitch (2)

1 Doong's Hillofsilver Hissy - Excellent black spotting on a pure white coat. Beautiful movement for one so young.

2 Harbin's Krystaway Riverdancer - Beautifully marked liver - hope eye will darken with time. Particularly good feet and will move well once she settles. Nicely laid shoulder.

Puppy Bitch (7)

1 Lee & Wells' Bemara Wheels on Fire - Liver spotted with heavily marked ears. Good eye colour and a pretty face. Well laid shoulder, nicely dropped brisket for her age, good bend of stifle and well set on tail. Very well proportioned and nicely balanced. Best Puppy

2 Walsh's Retma Brazen Beauty - Good liver spotting on a pure white coat. Well let down brisket, hindquarters need to develop but lovely floating movement. Two puppies to watch in the future.

3 Doong's Hillofsilver Hedi - Nicely spotted black. Good make and shape with excellent cat feet.

4 Johnson's Ottatella Redmill - More heavily built, pleasant liver spotting of the correct colour. Moved well.

Junior Bitch (8)

1 Treen's Daltreen Casablanca - Beautifully proportioned liver bitch, slightly ticky spotting, lovely reach of neck and very pretty face with well broken ears. Well let down hocks and good feet. Moved with drive, with strong rhythmic action. Best Junior

2 Davies & Wright's Starswept Hearts Afire - Very pretty black spotted bitch, lovely dark eye, rather heavily marked ears. Well laid shoulder and deep brisket. Moved well but slightly erratically, which cost her a possible 1st.

3 Blair & Chadwick's Retma Lady Hawk - More lightly spotted black with a really dark eye. Well laid shoulder and moved with drive.

4 Blyton's Gentry Ruby Tuesday - Somewhat heavy black spotting with a lovely dark eye. Moved well but erratically.

Intermediate Bitch (15)

1 Allen's Ch Gumillaroi Lallah Rook - Excellent spotting but rather a light eye. Beautifully balanced with lovely angulation. Firm positive movement won her Best Intermediate.

2 Stubbins' Kronborg Whistling Dixie - A different style of bitch, rather more masculine, with a beautiful tuck up and brisket, level topline and excellent bend of stifle. Very positive driving action, but her feet could do with a bit of attention.

3 Helland's Questionable Lady - Another well marked black but I should have liked a darker eye. Well let down hocks, with slightly lighter bone than the two above her, but beautiful precise movement.

4 Spruce's Trinonia Eloquence - Good black spotting, heavily marked ears but a really dark eye. A well laid shoulder but tended to stand a little straight in stifle.

5 Orr's Jaybior Iris - Extremely prettily marked liver with well set ears. Movement affected by a somewhat upright shoulder.

Australian Bitch (13)

1 Young's Dumbledeer Youngs Belle (AI) - Though heavily spotted this bitch had particularly good colour pigmentation. Her conformation was outstanding as was her overall balance, and being made right her movement was a joy to watch. Beautifully presented and in total accord with her handler. Best Australian Bred

2 Byrnes-Suchy's Ch Karridgeway Wild Peach - Recovering from a false pregnancy, but nice liver spotting on a good white basecoat. Lovely sherry coloured eye, good overall make and shape with well let down hocks and nicely set on tail. In better condition might have gone higher.

3 Richards' Ch Spotacus Starbright - Black spotted, very pretty face and sweet expression. Very attentive to her owner. Moved particularly well.

4 Young's Ch Dumbledeer Xtrme Dlite - Prettily marked bitch, smaller and more lightly boned, with particularly nice bend of stifle and well let down hock. Excellent feet and moved with drive and purpose.

5 Blair & Chadwick's Retma Diamond Hunter - Smaller, more lightly boned bitch, nice black spotting, well distributed. Moved happily and freely.

Open Bitch (12)

1 Young's Dumbledeer Tivoli Tess - Despite some trouble with a grass seed in her windpipe at a vital moment, this could not disguise a beautiful shoulder, lovely hindquarters, immaculate topline and tail set, with good round bone going right down into her tight cat feet. Add to this a classic head, pretty well set ears and sweet expression and you have a balanced, beautiful, typical Dalmatian bitch, to whom I was so pleased to award the Bitch Challenge. In the final analysis she could not quite beat the Dog CC winner, so had to settle for a well desrved Runner Up to Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

2 Davies & Wright's Ch Dumbledeer Youngs Hope (AI) ET - Ran the winner close with her lovely reach of neck, very pretty face and excellent black spotting. A lovely pair of bitches, but I considered the winner had slightly the better shoulder and hind quarters.

3 Helland's Ch Gentry Jewel of the Nile ET - Good black spotting, but her coat not at its best today with some skin trouble apparent. A particularly sweet face, excellent make and shape, well let down hocks, but with a slightly short tail. Moved very well.

4 Aston-Meehan's Harmonyhill Dragonsong - Very pretty bitch with good black spotting. Particularly good hind quarters but her feet need attention. Nevertheless, moved fluently.

Patches Silverstone



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